Our approach

Our approach

The project is yours whilst we take care of the network, the contacts and everything that comes with it to make it happen. We act as a commercial agent and as such facilitate the cooperation between foreign partners and Belgian companies within the framework of a specific project.

We are in contact with (foreign) subcontractors who can provide the required technical profiles for your project.

We understand that building a technically skilled project team is key for the success of each project. As a commercial agent for various (foreign) subcontractors all over Europe, we unburden you and ensure that your project-related need for technical profiles is quickly met.

We apply strict criteria whilst recruiting and selecting our foreign partners: we only act for and cooperate with parties which meet the highest standards of competence and professionalism.

The minimum duration of a typical project is 4 weeks. We request to put together a project team of at least two people with minimally one English speaking member to ensure smooth communication during the project. This person will instruct the technically skilled profiles acting on behalf of the subcontractor, so that the employer’s authority is being respected. A list of instructions possibly given by your own staff and/or appointees is included in a separate cooperation agreement with the (foreign) subcontractor in accordance with the relevant Belgian regulations.


We provide the foreign subcontractor with the necessary (local) contacts for the proper accommodation of their project teams.

Through our network we facilitate the search and selection process of our foreign partners to find accommodations for their project teams during the project. This is always based on a maximum of two persons per room.

We assist foreign subcontractors with their administrative obligations and their follow-up.

We ensure that the foreign subcontractors comply with all legal and administrative obligations and formalities such as mandatory minimum wages and such like.

We act as a commercial agent for foreign subcontractors.

We act as a commercial agent, Inox Systems is not a temporary employment agency. Our activities focus upon the project-based realization of assignments by means of subcontracting. We provide the necessary administrative support and facilitate a long-term and productive cooperation between our foreign partners and their Belgian customers, no more no less.

We are a merely commercial agency for foreign companies and do not provide employees. We support the cooperation with foreign subcontractors.